Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship

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Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship. HSC 025 - 1.1

A personal relationship is a relationship in which two separate individuals have an intimate and close interaction between each other. For example, a man and a woman who romanticize each other without being involved in client-to-service user situation. A working relationship is a kind of relationship in which one end of the relationship is an individual or a group in which they are tasked to work or give service to the latter party of the relationship. For example, a service user and a health and social care worker, no intimate or personal feelings must be developed between both sides of the relationship. In a working relationship, it is more based on taking orders from someone to give service to an individual and not engage in any form of intimate or personal interaction. On the other hand, in a personal relationship, it is based on interactions that would develop intimate or personal feelings. Another difference both difference relationships is the way in which they communicate. In a working a personal relationship communications are more casual as to working relationships communications are more formal and professional than casual. For example, as friends, members of the relationship can talk about anything, whilst as co-workers, the conversation are limited to keep confidentiality and security.

Another difference between working and personal relationships is the settings of the relationships. In a working relationship the setting must be in a work setting of any kind. For example, a doctor and patient, one side of the relationship must be a working who is supplying service to the other side of the relationship. For the personal relationship’s setting, the relationship doesn’t require a work setting. As long as none of the members of the relationship is giving service or working for the other members of the relationship the relationship can be considered as a...
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