Examining the Case of Federal Express

Topics: Innovation, Information technology, Strategic management Pages: 1 (411 words) Published: November 2, 2014

1. The core competencies of the Federal Express are the brand name which it has leveraged throughout the years. The innovation to the idea of delivery systems. The technology it uses to address the various issues in the supply chain and also the Information technology which it had mastered which has decreased its delivery problems. The use of technology and IT systems has been useful in the production and integration of virtual networks. The innovative approach in tracking and conveying messages through the internet has helped it to become a pioneer in this field. 2. The main differentiating factor over the competitors are the ability to manage the inventory while it is in motion. The barcode tracking mechanism and the use of internet has helped it do so.This development has helped it to reduce costs and the also develop an e-framework to reduce the overhead losses. The capacity control mechanisms has helped the company to take pick-ups anywhere in the region concerned and timely delivery of the packages with utmost accuracy. It has also developed transport systems to allow overnight deliver. 3. The efficiency of the Federal Express Business model is very high as they use the latest technology and maintains its own fleet. The evolutionary perspective shows that the innovations have helped many e-businesses to grow using the model. The recommendations for the company will be to develop collaborative solutions with the customers in focus and deliver value to them. The number of errors due to the addresses can be reduced. The concept of regional warehousing and distributorship can be explored to build an extension of the hub and scope model which the company uses. 4. The competitors of the Federal Express are mainly government owned companies which has helped them to get services at subsidized rates. They have higher resources and have less profit making tendency providing competition in pricing and operating conditions. The business and data exchange companies...
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