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Topics: Mass media, Journalism, Innovation Pages: 5 (1159 words) Published: September 17, 2013
Kopje 1 technological innovation in legacy media organizations: •The relation between technological change and change in journalism is complicated and widely contested.

Undestanding the interplau netween journalism and technologu has taquired a new urgency and spawned a growing literature from the early 2000’s onward.

Researchers quickly converged on a more multi-casual understanding of technological change, focusing in more extensive and detailed empirical studies on hjow endogenous factors like organizational structures, dominant work practices, and specific conceptions of what people might want and expect from tnheir news media shape thje adaptation of new ICT’s for journalistic purposes in particular settings.

Constructivism: Blogs do not represent one particular tech ology with one set configuration and mode of use, but a family of tools and associated expectations, genres, and enabled forms of action that can be developed in various ways that realize some technological properties and enable certain practices while foreclosing other possibilities. The properties associated with particular technologies or a word like blogs should not be seen as fully fixed and pre-determined, biut as shaped over time in an ongoing interplay between artifacts and those who use and develop them in various settings.

I demonstrate the need to consider not only the role of jopurnalists and managers but also the role of technologists when trying to understand how technological innovation plays out in legacy media organizations

Normalization of blogs
Most journalists used bl;ogs on the basis of the existing norms and practices (Singer 2005) •Blogs are used by mainstream journalists in ways that reify traditional norms, and shore up their professional claim to authority even as the new tools also gradually push a more subtle evolution in formats and form of interaction (Robinsons 2006) •Journalists professional culture exhibits strong inertia, remaining relatively unchanged and sometime inhibiting innovation. (Hartley 2011) -These studies represent important empirical contributions but leave one with the impression that technological innovation in news media organizations primarily is a question of journalistic adoption of new tools rather than of organizational development. Cases, methods, data:

Two newspapers: both have in common that they are legacy media organizations, primarily baeed on a print platform in structural decline, and that they are both perceived by others in the indursty as early adopters of new technologies. •What seperates them: their different histories, business strategies and particular resources, one being a well established and dominant organization with a long history the other a new entrant struggling to establish its position.

I will suggest that the processes themselves and in particular the active role plaued by technologists in both organizations highlight important and recurring aspects of how technological innovation in news media organizations work more generally.


Centralized versus integrated forms of blogging:
Politken developed a centralized approach -> a hack of their existing Esenic content management system to brand certain parts of the papers website as blogs, publish their content in reverse chronology and allow for reader comments •Nyhedsasvisen developed an integrated approach: Set up their website in a way that equipped all their 170 editoral staffers with a personal blog allowed registered users of the site to set up their own blog hosted, branded and promoted by the newspaper.

There is a difference between how journalists see their sites and how technologists see their sites. There is tension between different communities working for the same organization and involved in developing the same technology •Journalists at both papers generally wanted to develop blogs as a tool for existing journalistic purposes, the publication of...
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