Eq Settings Guide

Topics: Heavy metal music, Band-pass filter, Electric guitar Pages: 4 (1345 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Eq Settings General:
20 Hz and below - impossible to detect, remove as it only adds unnecessary energy to the total sound, thereby most probably holding down the overall volume of the track 60 Hz and below - sub bass (feel only) 80(-100) Hz - feel AND hear bass 100-120 Hz - the "club sound system punch" resides here 200 Hz and below - bottom 250 Hz - notch filter here can add thump to a kick drum 150-400 Hz - boxiness 200 Hz-1.5 KHz - punch, fatness, impact 800 Hz-4 KHz - edge, clarity, harshness, defines timbre 4500 Hz - exteremly tiring to the ears, add a slight notch here 5-7 KHz - de-essing is done here 4-9 KHz - brightness, presence, definition, sibilance, high frequency distortion 6-15 KHz - air and presence 9-15 KHz - adding will give sparkle, shimmer, bring out details - cutting will smooth out harshness and darken the mix

60Hz with a Q of 1.4 -- Add fullness to kicks. 5Khz with a Q of 2.8 -- Adds attack to Kicks bottom (60 - 80 Hz), slap (4 kHz) EQ>Cut below 80Hz to remove rumble Boost between 80 -125 Hz for bass Boost between 3 - 5kHz to get the slap PROCESSING> Compression 4:1/6:1 slow attack med release. Reverb: Tight room reverb (0.1-0.2ms)

Apply a little cut at 300Hz and some boost between 40Hz and 80Hz. Control The Attack: Apply boost or cut around 4KHz to 6KHz. Treat Muddiness: Apply cut somewhere in the 100Hz to 500Hz range. kick>> bottom depth at 60 - 80 Hz, slap attack at 2.5Hz

100Hz with a Q of 1.0 -- Add fullness to snare 200Hz - 250Hz with a Q of 1.4 -- Adds wood to snares 3Khz with a Q of 1.4 -- Adds atack to snare. 7Khz with a Q of 2.8 -- Adds Sharpness to snares and percussion fatness at 120-240Hz boing at 400Hz crispness at 5kHz snap at 10kHz fatness (240 Hz), crispness (5 kHz) EQ> Boost above 2kHz for that crisp edge Cut at 1kHz to get rid of the sharp peak Boost at 125Hz for a full snare sound Cut at 80Hz to remove rumble PROCESSING> Compression 4:1 slow attack med release. Reverb: Tight room reverb...
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