Envirofit International Case Study

Topics: Fuel injection, Innovation, Social innovation Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: March 24, 2013
The team needed to make decisions about an appropriate business model that would allow the venture to meet the team’s desire for a triple bottom line impact, scalability, and financial sustainability. In my opinion, they need a hybrid business model. Just like creating a suitable technology for that third world, the style of a business design must consider such constraints. Three primary constraints led the development from the business design. First, the business design required to provide the package towards the user in a minimal cost, but still provide incentives for forprofit providers, marketers, and installation centers. This constraint needed thought on a lean logistics, microfinance systems, and settlement of lower income by a few aspects of the worth chain. The aim ended up being to minimize out-of-pocket costs towards the driver by matching microfinance obligations to become as near as you possibly can to the need for the fuel and oil savings. The 2nd constraint was certainly one of sustainable procedures. As the business would want start-up capital to finance technology design and development, it needed to possess a self-keeping revenue stream, which may support growth to some scale which was significant when it comes to pollution reduction. Many technology transfer programs depend on ongoing support from government and non-government programs to carry on procedures. Consequently, they're frequently susceptible to the altering agendas of presidency funding, which may be not sustainable in the long run. EnviroFit required having the ability to support itself and it is expansion to achieve success. The 3rd constraint could be that the business must be centered on design and development, employing a network of providers, marketers, and installation centers in every country. Selecting a networked rather than a built-in business design cuts down on the resource footprint from the entity, which is critical once the assets are producing relatively low returns....
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