Elements of Organization

Topics: Innovation, Eric E. Schmidt, Management Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: May 17, 2014

For any organization operating in a competitive landscape it is important to constantly be innovative, not only to combat the competition, but also to cope with the ever changing market scenario. Innovation in organizations is often administered by the management and guided by the organizational culture. For instance in Google, innovation is a part of their core organizational value which in fact enabled them to achieve phenomenal growth over the last two decades.

Drivers of Innovation: It should be remembered that innovation is not a result of a one-time initiative but rather should be regarded as a constant and sustainable strategic component for any organization. The primary and the main driver of innovation is the environment in which the organization operates. One of the most critical aspects of Google’s motivation is the different culture it introduces which in turns helps the employees to remain motivated. The work culture which Google introduces is well accepted by the employees. (Colvin, 2006). The environment of the organization will provoke innovative thinking and consequent research in order to execute the innovate plan and introduce it in the market. The second level driver of innovation is most definitely the presence of a suitable system which will have the potential to transform the innovative thinking into meaningful discoveries. The implementation of a proper system is necessary, giving the innovations the correct direction in the market. The formal organizational structure is being modified and implemented within Google in order to support constant innovation. Unlike any other firm, the several hierarchies are not required to be consulted while implementing a change. In order to fuel on to the growth part the company indulged itself in various acquisition sprees during the last quarter. In the previous quarter, the company acquired Phonetic Arts, which is a U.K. based organization and it deals with speech synthesis in...
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