Elements of Communication

Topics: Communication, Rhetoric, Audience Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: June 17, 2012
María Belén Arregui
May 2/2012

In any type of speech there is seven elements involved: Speaker, message, channel, listener, feedback interface and situation, we will talk briefly about each one.

Every communication begins with a speaker, is the person that is presenting the speech. When you talk in public normally you are not interrupted. The success of the speech depends on the credibility, knowledge of the subject, the preparation of the speech, your manner of speaking, the sensitivity to the audience and the occasion. You need more than just technical skills, you need enthusiasms, if you are enthusiastic about your subject or topic probably the audience will also get excited.

Is what the speaker communicates to another person, can be anything. One of the goals in public speaking is that the intended message be the message that is actually communicated; to achieve this you need to concentrate in two things what you say and how you say it. To get right the verbal message you must narrow your topic, you must do research, get your ideas in order and use the correct words to the situation, this way your audience don´t get lost and you can convince them. Besides the verbal message you have to make sure that your posture, tone of voice, appearance are the correct ones because this will be part of the message that you are trying to send.

The channel is the means by which a message is communicated. When you give a public speech can have several channels, the channels are important because it will affect the message received by the audience.

Is the person that receives the message, without someone listening the message there is no communication. Everything said by the speaker is filtered by a listener´s frame of reference; this frame is never the same, that’s why the meaning of the speech is never the same for the speaker and the listener. Because of the different frames the speaker needs to adapt the message...
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