Effects of Modern Technology

Topics: Innovation, Creativity Pages: 1 (332 words) Published: May 9, 2012
“Modern technology has made people less creative than they used to be.” I agree with this statement.

Creativity is the ability to innovate something new or unusual, which is something original that no one has done before. Hence, the phrase “being creative” means being unique and original. With the ever-developing field of technology, more and more people, regardless of their age and race, are being less creative. This essay will talk about some of the reasons to my support towards the statement.

First of all, with the aid of computers and Internet, we can now access and look at other people’s work easily. For instance, if we are looking for ideas to be drawn, we can just type in the key words in Google and hundreds of images and ideas will appear in a blink of an eye. The easy access to other works through the global network increases the act of plagiarism, which is defined as copying other people’s ideas. As more people plagiarize, less people will be motivated to spend time and effort in creating something out of the world.

The second reason is the availability of ‘templates’ in multimedia soft wares like Adobe Photoshop, iMovie and iPhoto. Instead of designing it on our own, we simply click on the template that we want to work on, and there it is, a supposedly “creative” work.

Before the fame of technology, we used to make scrapbooks and draw posters manually with our own hands. We can draw characters, cut out clippings and fold origami according to our wants; different people will have different styles and techniques. Unfortunately, now all those are out of practice. Most people now prefer to make posters or brochures using computer, which cut down their creativity.

Hence, to conclude this essay, I personally think that the development of technology makes people less creative. Yes, using technology is much more effective, but a human touch in our works and being creative are no less important.
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