effective communication

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Effective communication
Effective communication is the ability to express our concepts verbally and non-verbally, and it is a transaction between two or more peoples. Communicators have a great role to make the communication effective by knowing proper speaking, listening, and body language. So, effective communication is the compositions of speaking, listening, and body language. Speaking is the main part of communication. An effective way of speaking indicates the ability to communicate. We can tell if someone’s speech is effective or not by looking at the way they speaks. All people have a certain way of speaking style. Some may have a polite way of speaking, and some speak rudely, or some are speak loudly, or speak in a low voice. Some people speak fast, and others speak slowly. But not all ways of speaking are effective. For instance, the way some people communicate leads to arguments or disagreements when they speak rudely. Some speakers also cause misunderstandings with their speech, because of they speak too fast or too slow. So, how we speak plays a great role in effective communication. The way we speak with our employers is different compared to how we speak with our friends. We speak more professionally with employers, and we speak more casually with friends. So, knowing who we speak to and what to speak can help to have effective communication. The way we listen to someone can determine if our communication is effective or not. Listening has a great role in effective communication. Our communication can stop or continue because of the way we listen. For example, let’s say we are communicating with someone in meeting, but if our focus and attention is on something else, we would not hear what the speaker said. “We think we’re listening to the other person, but we’re really not giving...
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