Educational and Entertaining Tv

Topics: Education, Man vs. Wild, Discovery Channel Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Did you know that TV can be entertaining AND educational? Most shows help with learning in some way or another in people of all ages. For example, children shows like Barney and Sesame street can help with talking and reading in babies and toddlers. Higher level learning shows like the programs on Discovery can relate to the things studied at school for older children, teenagers, and even adults. They can help further the person's knowledge in a more entertaining way than school. Additional programs teach how to do multiple tasks, while others teach safety in critical and dangerous situations. The importance of education on television is huge. Most children watch TV from a very young age and the shows they watch can affect their life as they get older. This is why there are programs for infants and toddlers. These shows include Barney, Mickey Mouse, Sesame Street, and much more. They help teach kids early in life how to talk, read, and write. As the kids get older, they can watch more advanced shows like the ones on Discovery Channel, The History Channel, and The Animal Planet. Shows on these channels inform watchers about major events in history, new discoveries in the world, nature, animals, and many other important subjects. Helping with the education of older children to adults is most likely the main point of these channels Some shows on TV also teach "how to's". For example, HGTV has shows that give advice on how to makeover your home for a good price, what to look for in a new home, and how to repair your home. One specific show, Holmes on Homes, my dad watches to learn more about issues on houses and how to fix them, since he is a contracter. Also, my mom has learned how to make amazing meals from the Food Network Channel. Shows on this cooking channel teach how to make meals in a certain amount of time. Some have challenges between chefs. Some just teach cooking in general. These "how to's" make great shows to watch when you need advice on selling...
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