Economic Concepts in Making Business Decisions

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B & B T-Shirt Factory Business Plan
Donnie Brown
April 30, 2013
Gerard Haddad

B & B T-Shirt Factory
16011 West McNichols Rd.
Detroit, Michigan 48235
(313) 837-4455

B & B T-Shirt Factory, LLC, is a private for profit organization that serves the community with the best screen-printing, digital designs, cad-cutting, and embroidery in the Mid-West. We are committed to being the best wholesaler and passing on the best savings to the community.

* Reginald Lestre, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

27805 Westover, Southfield, MI 48075

(248) 207-4982.
* Curtis Bundlres, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

8097 Ethel, Southwest Detroit, MI 48023

(313) 682-0965.
* Donna Johns, President of Marketing/Pricing (PMP)

18967 Evergreen Rd., Detroit, MI 48219

(313) 533-6176.
* March 1973.

* J. J. Jones & Company

* Copy Number 1.

Table of Contents

Cover Sheet--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2

Article I-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4

Article II------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4

Article III------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 4

Mission Statement-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Increase Revenue--------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Executive Summary------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5 Market Opportunity------------------------------------------------------------------------ 6 Management-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 Part I: Organizational Plan---------------------------------------------------------------- 8 Part II: The Marketing Plan--------------------------------------------------------------- 8 Conclusion----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9 References------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10

Article I: Name and Purpose

Section 1

This organization shall be known as B & B T-Shirt Factory, Legal Limited Company, hereafter

referred to as (B & B LLC).

Section 2

The principle location of B & B LLC is in the city of Detroit, county of Wayne and the state of


Section 3
B & B LLC, functions as a business for profit with excellent management that chooses the right quality products while gaining a greater share of the market. Article II. Board of Directors
Section I
There shall be Board of Directors for B & B, LLC, that has the authority and responsibility of governance for the Legal Limited Corporation includes, but is not limited to determining and making policies, approving organizational goals, plans, and the evaluations. Article III. Officers

Section 1 Term of Office
All officers are elected from the board of directors and shall serve three (3) year terms. Only the Executive Director, CEO, CFO, President of Marketing and Purchasing shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office. Reginald function as the official spokes person of the organization and has the responsibility of hiring, firing, and evaluating the employees. Mission Statement

B & B LLC is committed to being the best screen-printing, digitized designs, and embroidery organization in the Mid-West with the best wholesale prices passed on to the customers. We strive to excel in business, while using the highest quality product materials from the United States; too many jobs have been lost to out sourcing already, we will not do this in our business. Increase Revenue

Our company will increase revenue by producing an increase in sales, acquiring smaller companies, and strengthening our position in...

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