Dyson's Innovation

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Dyson Limited

Dyson is a British appliances manufacturing company, with its headquarters located in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. James Dyson founded the company in 1993 and still to this day is a family run business. Dyson is an engineer and an inventor with them selling a range of products, products include:

* Bladeless Fans
* Hoovers
* Hand Dryers
* Heaters

Dyson originally had there production line located in Wiltshire but now have moved to it to the Malaysia as labour costs in the East are far lower then the ones in the UK. Moving to Malaysia has a number of benefits, firstly it lowers their labours costs dramatically, and this meaning that they can invest more money into research and Development. Secondly moving to the Far East has given Dyson the prospect of being much closer to suppliers and the possible entry of new markets.

A programme was set up called The James Dyson Award, this was set up to encourage and open up students minds and bring out there creative side. The award isn’t just based in the UK its also in 18 other countries and the lucky winner has a prize of £10,000 and the University also receives £10,000. With this programme having such a good success the James Dyson Foundation was founded, this was also set up to help young people and encourage them to take an interest in engineering and having possible futures in the subject. A bonus of this Foundation is they offer bursaries and scholarships to the talented young people that have a gift in engineering.

Outline the external drivers and hindrances for innovation in relation to your chosen organisation (or product).


Dyson is a British manufacture and because of this it’s been hard for their corporations as fundraising was UK based, this not helping Dyson because interest rates have always been higher then other countries. Dyson made a tough decision to move an assembly plant to Malaysia in 2002. Sir James Dyson said ‘No doubt the Chancellor marvelled at Danny Boyles Olympic pageant. And hopefully he will have been reminded of what built modern Britain and propelled its success around the world – technology’ This Emphasizes Dyson’s passion fro his country and to keep it ‘British Made’ but politically it wasn’t helping his business and they were hitting certain barriers from the government.


With Dyson moving to Malaysia it’s had a big effect on the economy both for the UK and Malaysia, Malmesbury is a small town located in Wiltshire, which is going to be hit hard with around 800 job losses. Figures show that the average UK worker is paid £9 per hour and the average Malaysian worker being paid £3 per hour this automatically lowers labour costs dramatically and meaning the money can be invested in other areas.


Every business needs to follow trends within the market to stay successful and look at demands by there customers and how trends change from time to time. Peoples lifestyles vary with modern trends or vintage trends and Dyson’s products are stylish and elegant and fit in well to the modern day house. With the world changing along side trends businesses need to be able to adapt to these changes and come up with new innovative ideas to meet the trends and demand of the consumers. People like brand names and with Dyson’s range of diverse products people will tend to keep purchasing products from Dyson. For example a household will purchase a ‘Ball Hoover’ and be happy with the product and service and then go back and purchase the ‘Bladeless Fan’


Dyson have always had the competitive edge over there rivals, Dyson hit £1billion in sales and since this happening they have increased funding for the research & development. With this increase there development team based in Cotswold will be getting 20% more funding to help with there research for the next 5 years. Since Dyson are a very respectable company and are highly innovative they have invested highly in their...
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