Duty of Care

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A duty of care means that all health and social care professionals must act in the best interest of the people that they care for. They must also do everything in their power to keep clients safe from harm and exploitation. As a care worker you must not do, or fail to do something that can cause harm to someone. You only have the duty as a care professional to act within your own competence and not to take tasks on that you’re not confident to complete. 2.1

When working with clients, the client has the right to know that the professional is going to keep the client safe , not be to neglected or exposed to any unnecessary risks. When working with clients, as professionals we owe it to them to give the client the best level of duty of care as its something we must pay a part as being a care professional. Having a duty towards the people we work with is not souly used in the social care sector, its with all professionals who work with people. This is to ensure that all activities are for the clients interest, not for just risk reduction but to treat the clients with respect and dignity. 2.2

The first point of call in any dilemma between your duty of care in any given situation is your manger. They will advise you on how to handle the problem and give you a chance to dicuss your side of the situation. 3.1

1. Get it right
2. Being customer foucused
3. Being open snd accountable
4. Acting fairly and proportionately
5. Putting things right
6. Seeking contiuos improvemnts.
* Makes sure the person knows how to use the complaints procdure * Explain to them in depth how it works and when the can expect to recive a reply * Offer any support in following the produdure if nesscary * Advise your manger that a complaint is being made.
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