Disruptive Technology

Topics: Innovation, Customer, Disruptive technology Pages: 2 (544 words) Published: February 18, 2014
Living Case Study

As stated by Clayton Christensen, disruptive innovation enhances the original business model of a product or organization, and changes it; where a product use to only be accessible to a select group of people, it is now presented in a much simpler way and accessible to a larger and broader population. Christensen states that the product or organization “takes root” as a simple application, and then is disrupted by something. Co-owner Laura Patrick was smart in that she was the first one in Charleston to open a Biergarten. Charleston is well known for its bar and restaurant scene, but the one thing that was missing was a place for beer lovers.  Bay Street Biergarten, located at 549 East Bay Street, has been smart about opening and running a successful business, so far. Being the first Biergarden in Charleston, getting people to show up did not seem like a problem; however, the Biergarten is off set from the King street restaurant and bar strip. Before opening, reviews stated the Biergarden was off the beaten path and it would be difficult to attract people to the hidden gem. The owners then had to come up with ways to wow people and attract costumers to 549 East Bay Street.                First, coming up with the perfect place was key.  The vintage looking warehouse with high ceilings and communal tables is the ideal spot for the business because it mimics the look of an authentic Biergarden in Munich. The outside patio is also a key element of the Biergarden, as most originals were outside.  The owners had to make it better then any other bar or restaurant in Charleston. There are 60 beer taps, 24 of which the customers can pour themselves.  Companies tend to innovate faster than their customers needs evolve, organizations and restaurants eventually end up producing products and or services that are to complicated and expensive. The reason why companies continually pursue these “sustaining innovations” is because this is what has...
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