Dimensions of Education

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 2 (478 words) Published: July 27, 2014
Rosalyn B. Pertiz
Dimensions of Education MW(10-11:30am)

Reflection Paper

Being in this class and having participated in every discussion had given me a lot of privilege to obtain knowledge, understanding and comprehension about the world of socialization and interaction; the reason why do people behave such a behavior; elements of effective communication; the pillars of education that a teacher must possess in his heart and mind; the cultural differences that each teachers should be aware of; the importance of social institutions in building-up a holistic individual; the peace that connect us together to live as one despite of the conflict and differences that forbidding us to; and lastly the importance of making all things possible through applying everything that we have learned. In short, being enrolled in this class taught me to not just only absorb what I have learned but to exercise application. "Everything starts with in us." This was the quotation that one of my classmate had said while we were having a hot discussion. Education doesn't only mean to transmit and impart the knowledge-input to the brain cells of every students but it allows the student to create an output---a better and well-made output out of it. Education also promotes change, as told by the quotation that goes, "As a teacher, you are responsible for providing opportunities for changing behavior. students may or may not change. If they don't, that's not the teacher's responsibility. Teachers do not manipulate children to change. Teachers model, demonstrate and encourage. Any changes are up to the students." Through this quotation, I do believe that really changes can only happened within us, within our very own selves. As a student, am the one who does everything that would happen in my life. The decision to make a difference is right in my hand. It is really up to me. And as a future mentor and educator, I must be ready and be brave in facing my students with dignity, pride...
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