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Beyond Papers and Circuits
“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” – Andy Warhol
With the advancement of technology in our generation, a significant influence has been inculcated by technology in our everyday routine. From the simplification of work, to instant communication schemes, until the path in replicating the human aspect, artificial intelligence, has been deemed possible, you name it, technology has been and will always be there. Now, technology has one more aspect in mind in which it aims to innovate – education. But will innovation succeed in its endeavor with tradition as its most fearsome foe?

Recently, Sta. Teresa College took an experimental step to promote innovation in the education system. Tablets has been introduced to the ESEP (*meaning of ESEP*), with Lifeware as its primary sponsor and distributor. The ESEP classes will be the pioneer class for this leap, initiated by the College President, Fr. Carlo Magno Ilagan last July 2013. Also, the school has secured classrooms with LCD projectors to further aid in efficiency and effective learning process of the students. With the advantages that entail the new leap in the introduction of digital education, we took on the risks. But are the risks worth taking compared to the advantages the traditional education system offers?

Throughout the years, books and other written materials have been man’s “immobile” transportation to the information beyond man’s possible means of acquiring knowledge that is beyond his physical reach. They have also been the companion of students in their everyday academic life; saving them from assignments and helping them ace their exams. Truly, these books, written notes and other written materials provide the tangibility of knowledge plus the sentimentality that the physical school setting provides in using them. But they possess the burden that most of us can relate to.

Selecting which backpack...
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