Topics: Diffusion of innovations, Sociology, Innovation Pages: 1 (471 words) Published: November 3, 2014

Diffusion is the process by which new information, idea or concept or a product is accepted by the people in the society or a target or consumer group. Diffusion theory is basically, referring to the way in which innovations are communicated to different part of society with some similar characteristics. The theory is also known as the Diffusion Innovation Theory in most cases, the concept of this theory depicts the spreading of consumption of an innovation, through communication channels in a social system (thus people in a social hierarchy with a common or similar belief co-exist). The innovations could be in a form of product, services, ideas, process, behaviors or any other object which is considered new, best or success to the social system for easily adoption, since it requires them to change their poor existing behavior pattern and habits. The subjective opinions associated with the innovations are important factors in how quickly the spreading occurs; these factors includes the societies level of education and the extent of industrialization and development, that is to say, the diffusions theory seeks to explain how and why new ideas and practice are adopted with timeliness potentially spread out over long periods. According to Everett and Roger(1995) Each members of the social system faces his or her own innovation-decision, given that decision is not authoritative or collective in delivery, that follows the above 5-steps which includes process, their knowledge, persuasions, decision, implementation or use and confirmation or evaluation. For instance, when cooking in the kitchen when the aroma starts sacking everyone from his or her stands to be eager to eat the food thus no one can influences or decide on how his or her fellow should smell the food. The adoption process consists of the awareness of the people or consumer decision-making, the interest of the people, evaluation, trial and rejection. The innovativeness of the...
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