Differences Between Chinese and Western Education

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Differences between Chinese and Western Education
Most Chinese parents like to ask, “How old should be the best age for children to study overseas?” “Is the foundational education as good as China in other countries?” As the matter of fact, the argument about advantages and disadvantages between Chinese Education and Western Education is keeping on all the time. This question is also one major concern among those students who are considering going abroad. In order to find out the most suitable way for each individual, we shall gather more information and compare both matters in China and foreign countries.

The basic issue of education is what kind of people we want to cultivate to be, and how to cultivate them. The concept of value, purpose of education and method of education between Chinese Education System and Western Education System are differentiated in many academic fields. Let’s have a look at this with 2 cases:

Darin Yokel is an art teacher from one primary school in Cincinnati, America; she is also a current student of Miami University. To be as one of the exchange teacher with Chinese, she came to Kunming, Yunan to have an academic interchange. Her objective is split into 3 parts, teaching Chinese students, communicating with Chinese teachers and independent training.

In Kunming, Darin found out that the painting skills of Chinese students are very good. One day, she gave out one topic which is called “happy festival” to her students, but all the students were drawing the same Christmas tree. At first she thought that Chinese students are friendly so when they met a western teacher, they drew the Christmas tree for her. But later she found that every Christmas tree those children drown are with the same batten. She looked closer, discovered that all the students were looking toward the same direction where one of the classroom wall. Then she realized that there was one Christmas tree painting on the wall which prepared by the school as the purpose of creating a suitable painting atmosphere for students.

Darin covered the painting on the wall and asked the students to create their own picture, to her surprise; she was so disappointed that once she covered the wall painting, the students could not draw a “happy festival”. Some students were scratching the head, some biting the pencil, some staring at each other, but no one knew how to start their work. With the intention of solving the embarrassment, Darin has to open the cover of wall painting.

There is another case far in America: one professor mentioned in his article that his son did research when he was in primary school form two. One day he came back from school and asked father to go to library, he said he is doing one research on whales so need to go and find information. The professor took his son to two libraries and borrowed more than ten books about whale. The little boy had finished his first research in his whole life on the topic of whale. It contained 3 pages and one cover with a picture of whale and sea. There were 4 tittles inside the report: introduction, what do whales eat, how whales eat and the features of whales.

The professor said that this is the shortest and simplest research he has ever seen in his life; however this is the most interesting research he has ever read as well. The main concern here is not how much knowledge of whale the boy has learnt, but the process of doing the research. He concentrated so hard to gather information, read articles, identify points, write essay and so on. He was doing individually and independently all through the procedure. He totally used his brain to carry out every step, thus he has achieved much more knowledge and skills beside only whales.

And this kind of research practice is continuous improving, when he was in Form Two, his research is only collecting other people’s information. But when he reached Form Five, his research is moving into a further level of giving out his...
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