differences between Chinese and american education

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The Differences of education between China and America
I want to describe the major differences between Chinese and American education. It includes four aspects.
“Harvard girl” 刘亦婷

1 Goals of education
First of all, Chinese support all-rounder education.  The education's goal is for making their living, for honor.
They think that their children who were in very young can not lose in starting line. Hence, when children should be spoiled, children would have been forced to learn piano, dance, drawing, and English. Children lose their simplicity, the curiosity about interest and childhood joy. Children are only arranged to do what parents want them to do.  However, American supports professional skills. 

Education is not the preparation for making their living, but for survival. They think that it is good their children have a personal strength. In elementary school, children can learn how to play; in middle school, children can found their personal strength; and to senior high school, children must be sure their roads. In college, children can develop their profession.  American students have lots of free time to do social activities while our Chinese students devote all their spare time to doing homework. American education is a kind of elite education, or quality-oriented education. It could develop one’s potential. On the contrary, Chinese education is exam-oriented education. It’ll impede one’s development. Maybe we should learn some strong points from American education. 2 Education style

Most important, their education style is different. Chinese education style can be called “Exam-oriented Education”. At school, the class cadence is always dominated by the teacher. What’s more, the score can determine students’ everything, including you are good or bad. American education style can be called “Quality-oriented Education”. It cultivates the creativity and ability of students so that they can meet the needs of society in the future...
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