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Summary ILofHL Pg. 89-117
In the book “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” by author Rebecca Skloot tells the story of Henrietta which had cervical cancer and died. Her cells where mass produced and harvested all over the world without the families knowledge.

Continuing with chapter twelve after Henrietta dies of terminal uremia doctor Gregory Gey wanted to do an autopsy on Henrietta to harvest more cells. Day Lacks Henrietta’s husband first said no to the autopsy but after much convincing from his cousin and Gey he agreed under the stipulation that it would benefit the children. After the autopsy Henrietta was transported back to Clover the town which Henrietta lived. Day put Henrietta in the hallway for family and friends to view. On the day of her funeral it was storming. The wind blew one of the Lackes cousins house over killing him. Years later Peter Henrietta’s cousin stated “we shoulda knew she was tryin to tell us somthin with that storm.”

At first Henrietta’s cells were harvested for one reason to stop the polio virus. In 1952 a doctor named Jonas Salk who worked at the University of Pittsburgh stated he found a cure for polio. When they started they were using monkeys to test with but were to expensive, so they used cells from Henrietta to confirm the cure. The (NFIP) ‘National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis” went to Gey for help. One problem they ran into was cells grew on a flat surface and ran out of space quick so it was labor intensive. Gey had a technique that cells grew by suspension in medium and was stirred by a magnetic device. The (NFIP) found out about the cure and the cell which would be cost effective so they hired William Scherer to follow through with the development Distribution Center at the Tuskegee Institute. Charles Bynum was a science teacher and was active in civil rights also was the director of the foundation.

The Tuskegee Institute figured out that there were no shortages with Henrietta’s cells. So they started...
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