Design Thinking for Business Innovation

Topics: Design, Creativity, Innovation Pages: 4 (638 words) Published: February 14, 2014

I have read this book for the classes of Service Design. This tool is quite interesting for me but until now it wasn’t completely clear what it was. In my opinion this book is a very clear and understandable book, that gives you an explanation of a process of Service Design and how to apply it to our company and projects. So, I see this book as a book that I will reccomend to all the LEINNERS, specially when they are creating new products and services for the customers, it’s really valuable.

This book is called Design Thinking for Business Innovation. We can say that Innovation is to release new products and services or improve the ones that already exist in a new way that satisfy some needs of the customer. The Design thinking is a way to create nwe products or services with a customer-oriented way, so we can say that this book fits perfectly with our company because it helps using Design Thinking tools to innovate. The Design thinking isn’t a lineal process and usually it is done by a multidisciplinary tea min order to have different ideas and points of view. For this process we need to identify a need or problem that already exists and create solutions which are always customer oriented. The book is divided in 4 main phases of the process: The Immersion, the Analysis/synthesis, the Ideation and the Prototyping.

This phase is when the team approaches the context of the problem from the point of view for the company (the client), and for the end user (the client’s client).

It is divided in two partrs, in the first one the objective is to understand the problem and get familiar with it, explore the situation, define limits with the client… In the second one, the objective is to identify the needs of teh customers and the opportunities that appear in the process.

The immersion is a phase where we have lots of information, just we find it.

We have some tools that can help us doing this also:
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