Demotrative Communication

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Sign language Pages: 4 (1087 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Demonstrative Communication
Laida Watkins Westbrook

Dr. Lodessa Washington

Demonstrative Communication
Although verbal communication is effective, demonstrative communication is as effective and powerful. This information will show the effectiveness of demonstrative communication. Demonstrative communication can be demonstrated in different ways. There is verbal communication and nonverbal communication. Demonstrative communications is nonverbal and unwritten communication Nonverbal convey an unspoken or unwritten message. Nonverbal communication has similarity to verbal communication because there are symbols representing thoughts and emotion. (Rogers & Steinfatt, 1999). Nonverbal communication is like verbal communication because it can influent the message to just believable as a verbal message. Verbal and nonverbal communication is everywhere domination depends on the area or location where the communication is taking place. Nonverbal communication is just as influential as verbal to a point if the message is believable (Cheesebro, O’ Çonnor, & Rios, 2010). There are four principles associated with demonstrative communication. Nonverbal communication is everywhere without the person trying to communicate. It shows a willingness to communicate. The receiver of this message get the same understanding as they would if the message was verbal. There is a non-usage of words because nonverbal communication is express with body language, and this is why it is call demonstrative communication. The verbal saying “I am not interested” is express nonverbally by the moving of the head from side to side, and waving of the hand or hands mid-way and moving them side to side. Demonstrative communication is so prevalent and to an extent that cannot be denied. (Cheesebro, O’ Çonnor, & Rios, 2010). The second principle is people do not have to try to learned demonstrative communication. Education institution make speech and...
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