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The alimenting or downsizing of Government funded Mental hospitals seems to come with a few problems. The first is an obvious one to me is that some of people who get help or need help from these locations are not only a danger to themselves but in many cases a danger to others as well. Another is as we have seen in the controversy over universal health care people’s inability to afford health insurance. I think the final problem is Fairness why is it that our governments can afford new Jails yet we can’t afford to take care of the mentally ill. There is no easy answer for us to take, but we must begin somewhere to avert a disastrous scenario.

To begin let’s examine what our governments are doing by shutting down these hospitals. The people who are in these facilities need help and have accepted they need it. They are treated for conditions that can or will make them dangerous to themselves and to others. So what will become of these people that are let back out onto our streets and neighbor hoods for untrained family members or friends to try and care for? Oh that seems like a great idea unstable people left in the hands of untrained and often uncaring people. Seems like a good remedy for social order. I personally think this is criminal and we should hold our governments to their duties. To protect their people from foreign and domestic enemies is a governments primary Job everything else is just extra. To add to that scenario lets add in the rising cost of health care. How many Americans go without healthcare simply because it is too expensive? How many of us go in pain or discomfort because that Doctor Visit or ER visit is so expensive and we can’t afford health insurance? This is a huge problem that is well documented more people suffer through because it is just too expensive to get help. Thanks Doc for making your price so high I can’t get your help. This is one of the major reasons I support universal health care. More to the...
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