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In the article, “Leading a Supply Chain Turnaround,” the author Reuben Slone incorporated some innovative solutions to reduce bottle necking to make sure customer/consumer fulfillment was met. The strategy that Reuben Sloan employed seemed basic yet very broad spanning. He spoke of there being 27 different dimensions to this supply chain turn around. While he didn’t name all of the 27 dimensions, Sloan made sure to highlight the essential components of his strategy. In accounting, all the components of a financial statement are important but the culmination of all the numbers and all the factors are denoted at the bottom line. Similarly, the bottom line of Sloan’s approach reduced expenses, while at the same time increasing profits. Several factors are clearly mentioned throughout the article: strategizing, understanding customers’ needs, benchmarking the competition, building for the future, communicating internally (within the organization), introducing better IT and technology (e.g. forecasting and modeling tools), increasing their talent pool (e.g. MBA program at Michigan State University), just to name a few. Looking at the bottom line of this article, Sloan’s approach worked. By improving on the foundation they already established Sloan was able to build Whirl Pool’s supply chain. The implementation of more innovative technology seemed key to this achievement. Sloan named a few of these technologies. The ability to develop a better and more efficient forecasting model is key seemed key in knowing how to make sure big and small ticket items were in stock. Sloan also mentioned the “psychology of delivery date commitments,” on page 16. Sloan pointed out that in a study of consumer needs, provided by Boston Consulting Group, customers were not as concerned with expeditious delivery but more so with accurate delivery. In other words whatever the delivery date is then that is when the item needs to be received. Sloan seemed very...
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