Creativity Is an Essential Ingredient for the Success and Survival of Modern Day Organisations

Topics: Creativity, Innovation, Organization Pages: 5 (1246 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Creativity is an essential ingredient for the success and survival of modern day organisations”

The issue at stake here is the exploration of Creativity and Organizational Creativity. This report evaluates the importance of Creativity for the success and survival of modern day organizations. Concluding, the case study of creative companies are described and assessed to show an example of a successful organization with Creativity.

Creativity can be defined as both an outcome and a process specifically, in order to produce creative outcomes, individuals need to first engage in certain processes that can help them to potentially be more creative (Shalley et al., 2009). Organizational creativity is the creation of a valuable, useful new product, service, idea, procedure, or process by individuals working together in a complex social system. It is, therefore, the commonly accepted definition of creative behavior, or the products of such behavior (Arieti, 1976) occurred in the organization. Innovation is broadly defined as the adoption, implementation, and incorporation of new idea or practices (Amabile, 1996). Innovation is a behavioral implementation of creative ideas. In this report, successful organization would be defined as organizations which attain sustainable competitive advantage and have profitable market share.

Elements of Creativity organization
From the Alan Robinson and Sam Stern, they have identified six elements in which would drive the creativity in organization: Alignment, Self-initiated activity, Unofficial activity, Serendipity, Diverse stimuli, and Within-company communication. Alignment means that employees should align with company goals and involve in the decision making process. This would help employees to identify opportunities for creativity. Self-initiated activity claimed that creative ideas are much come from the intrinsic motivation of individual activities and individual experience. Unofficial activity would help creativity in a way without management control and involvement. Serendipity means something good happened incidentally like creativity would create suddenly with no reason and is coincidence. Diverse stimuli described the way we are affected by the environments and they will stimulate us to generate ideas and opportunities. Lastly, within-company communication is the accessibility of other company’s information which helps employees to bring ideas.

Benefits of being creative organizations
Referring to the Boston Consulting Group Innovation report 2010, creativity and innovation have been top ranked strategic imperative. Innovation and creativity enable organization to develop its business in new ways that make sure its profitability. Most of the most innovative companies would be the most profitable companies in the world like Apple, Google and IBM. Also, creativity and innovation is considered one of the proactive strategies to help organization regenerating growth and fight a recession.

Creativity is fundamental in leadership roles
Creativity is the most important and crucial factors for a senior leader (IBM, 2010). It is found that senior managers need to cope with the dynamic environment and deal with unanticipated issues which required creativity. They need creativity to identify opportunities or nurture new organization culture to help company to adapt rapid change environment. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Inc. is well-known figure excellent. With his creativity and innovation, Apple Inc. became the international and well-known company in mobile phone industry.

Creativity improves efficiency
There are struggling between efficiency and creativity. Someone would say that creativity is wasting time to think and investing money for nothing. However, creativity can help to improve the efficiency of an organization. The more creative of the organization, it scored higher on objectives measures of performance and...
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