creativity and innovation management

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Creativity and innovation management
Establishment of an enterprise entails making profit through production of products that satisfy the customer and at the same time maintain the social and environment effects of the production. The growth and development of enterprise will thus have supportive elements that ensure that each period in production brings a difference to the business. The comparison of the first automobile in the world cannot be compared to the current automobiles. There is a difference in the safety measures and the efficiency in fuel consumption this is because of the innovation and creative management that promote sustainability. Creating a difference involves building of an environment in which new ideas are developed and nurtured to meet specific goals of an organization. Creative management is been used by Volkswagen Hong Kong to ensure that consumers are satisfied in the quality of the automobile they assemble. The difference between a model of the 20th century and the 21st century can attest. Creative management enables an idea to shape into a business model that will ensure that the needs of the consumer are catered for at the same time creating revenue for the organization. However, the idea has analysis before conceptualization into a business model. Innovative management enables the organization to develop the idea into a business model (Malhotra, 2000). It provides for the analysis of the idea in light of the profitability and value addition to the company, the consumer and the social aspect. Creative management is the way practices of management are practiced to enable the development of new ideas in the organization (Wankel & DeFillippi, 2002). New ideas in the organization improve efficiency in production and enrich the customer’s satisfaction through value addition while improving the organizations revenue. The development of the new ideas is because of innovative management that provides for the development of the ideas into a viable business model. Importance of mission and vision in idea development

The mission of an organisation gives its goals. It aims to illustrate its stakeholders and define on the way it will follow to fulfill its mandated objective. Exposing how an organisation will purpose to fulfill its objective however, is not open to all and thus the public get to know of how they will benefit from the fulfillment of the objectives. Volkswagen mission statement stipulates its objective as becoming the leading automaker by 2018- economically and ecologically through the Strategy 2018. This will involve a long term strategic planning, technological excellence and teamwork. However, most of the strategies like the Volkswagen leave out the main objective and only give a summary to avoid duplication of their ideas and have a competitive advantage. An organisation mission can be sustainable in presence of a vision. The vision creates an ideal future for the organisation; how the organisation will be in the coming years. The visions allows the management to define the ways its resources need to be allocated, what products to be produced, the qualifications of the employees, the culture of the organisation, how the outsiders and the insiders perceive the culture of the organisation and the social implications of the organisation.

Creative and innovative management importance in Volkswagen Hong Kong Unveiling its products uniquely
The need for Volkswagen to increase competitive services in their automobiles is by patenting their products. This protects their product from duplication. The organisation believes that their vehicles will at times be duplicated but no automobile assembler will ever meet it level. The product only becomes public during its commercialization. This enables it to provide for its customers automobiles that come with different features compared to their predecessors. For example the Volkswagen Golf is more far off improved compared to 1974 original model....

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