Creativity and Innovation

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Barriers to creativity and innovation can prevent us from unlocking the creative potential that we are all capable of. Being aware of the barriers should prepare us for recognising when they occur and arm us with the potential to break past them. From my perspective, there are some barriers to creativity and innovation and these barriers are affecting my business under existing environment: * Individual

* Teams
* Organization

These are some barriers to creativity and innovation:

* Functional fixedness: this is a term used by psychologists and means to only see the obvious ways of looking at a problem.  It’s where the individual does not leave their comfort zone when thinking about solutions to a problem domain. * Self-censorship: is that inner voice that holds us back and tries to prevent us from making a fool of ourselves or looking stupid. It’s the negative thoughts that come into our mind, such as “that will never work”. * Micro-management: stifles a person’s ability to be creative as micro managers provide too much detail related to how a particular task or problem should be tackled. This reduces the ability for the person to think for themselves and add their own creative flair. * Over-thinking: about a problem or task uses the logical conscious side of our mind. Often creativity comes from the subconscious mind so rather than over thinking it might be wise to go for a walk or simply start daydreaming. * Creativity myths: act as barriers through their power to shape everyday behaviour. * Image risks: Is where people worry about the impression that people will have of them after suggesting an idea. If an individual’s role does not specifically call for creativity or innovation then they believe that co-workers will think negatively of them if they try and come up with better ways to do things. It’s the thought of making someone angry by initiating change that upsets the status quo. * Lack of time: and / or opportunity....
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