Creativity and Innovation

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The nature of today’s business is highly competitive. So the success of every organization highly depends on the novel creative and innovative ideas. Creativity simply means thinking up new things. Innovation means applying those thoughts in to work. It is the conversion of new ideas into products and services. In a rapidly changing global world, managers must use all their abilities to forecast the future opportunities and threats. All these are for achieving and maintaining strategic advantage over the competitor.

2. aProduce an appropriate rationale to persuade stakeholders of Aravind eye clinic of the benefits of creative and innovative management idea

No business can win without make the stakeholders participating in their business. Stakeholders can motivate a business at a higher level by giving their support to the business. But the business men should take that advantage in a productive and efficient manner. Thereby their creative and innovative ideas can be converted into reality and thus the business can also be developed to a great extent.

When we consider the case study, we can see that Dr. V, as the founder of Aravind eye clinic hospital struggled a lot to get his vision and mission fruitful. After analysing all risks associated with the vision and the future consequences they conducted a risks-benefit analysis and came up with new ventures that minimize all the risks and which provides more benefits to their future. Because of their creativity and innovations they have become the only hospital which provides Catarat surgery in India.

For getting this kind of achievement stakeholders like owners,employees,customers,Government,communities,suppliers,investors...etc, played an eminent role. Most of the people may resist changing. The success of a business man is lying in convincing these people about what will be the future benefits of changes that the company is going to test. The stakeholders are the key participants of any organization.

The important justifications to persuade stakeholders of Aravind eye clinic of the benefits of innovation are:

* We can go for the valuable opinions from the stakeholders whenever we need. They are more powerful resource to help in the difficult situations such as during inflation, technological advancement, employee attrition, strikes...etc. * Maintaining a healthy relationship with the stakeholders will help both the stakeholders and the organization to get the new information about the environment and the ways to improve their functions to a large extent. * Through communicating with the stakeholders frequently will help us to know what will be their reactions to our novel ideas, and we can change those ideas in to new one which can win their maximum support. * We need to know how best we can make them engage in our project.

2. bAs CEO how will you communicate creative and innovative management idea to stakeholders of an organization

Stakeholders are the persons who have interest in knowing the financial position and performance of the organization. As CEO we need to know how best to hold them in our project and how best to communicate with them. We should know about what information they would like from us, their financial as well as emotional interest and what motivates them most...etc,. The most suitable way to know this is directly talk to them. People are often quite open about their views and asking people's opinions often is the first step in forming a successful relationship with them.

For the effective communication with the stakeholders we need to keep in mind the following stuff: * We must understand first that who are the most valuable stakeholders of our organization. A stakeholder may be an investor, Government, supplier, employee, customer, owner...etc., We should keep a healthy conversation with all the stakeholders and should keep in touch with them often according to their importance or level of...
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