Creative Thinking a Truly Renewable Energy Resource

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Innovative Thinking

October/November 2007

Creative Thinking a truly renewable energy resource
Tina Catling urges all managers to practice and encourage creative thinking for the benefit of their organisations.

by Tina Catling and Mark Davies
ISBN-10: 1841124370 ISBN-13: 978-1841124377 148 pages. Full colour. Hardcover. Published by Capstone Publishing Ltd. (part of John Wiley & Sons) Price: £16.95 (but FREE to any Manager reader who contacts Tina Catling to talk about creativity in their organization. See her biography panel for contact details). Everyone has an undiscovered pool of creative thought and this book is intended to open the floodgates of inspiration. Combining text, imagery, design and colour, think! looks and feels like no other business book. Each full colour page features stories of remarkable innovation, poetry, contributions from leading creatives (such as Alan Flood), original art, quotes and cartoons. The book can be used as a tool for team brainstorming or as a personal creative bible – a transportable resource that you can pick up and dip into at any point.

M AInnovative Thinking NAGER

• When was the last time you thought about how you think? • Do you think that you either are – or are not – a creative thinker? • The truth is, that if you’re a human being, you are! In the last seven years, creative thinking has shifted from being considered a fluffy, waste of time to being a critical management skill. And although there is still fear and prejudice around the subject, it has become clear that the businesses which do not learn to be more flexible and creative will fail.

We all know that business is cyclical. The pendulum is swinging – and now the world’s most systemised companies are working hard (and fast) on re-injecting the innovative thinking and creativity that their systems had previously squeezed out. Since he became CEO of General Electric in 2001 Jeff Immelt and his team have been embracing creative thinking techniques that were once regarded as nonsense. Now they make business sense!

“With the pace of innovation heating up, any enterprise that fails to replace 10% of its revenue stream annually is likely to be out of business in five years” The Economist The trouble is that we have invested so much time and energy over the last twenty years systematising everything to the sixth sigma, we have forgotten how to let go and think! If all the leading organisations use similar algorithms to create perfection, then where is the distinctive differentiation that will make one company stand out in an increasingly competitive market that is changing at the speed of light?

“By inviting some of our most savvy customers in for ‘dreaming sessions,’ we’ve found a not-too-complicated path to real breakthroughs.” Jeff Immelt Opening our minds
The good news is that we all think in different and fascinating ways and nowadays we can also observe from the behaviours and systems used by the world’s most creative thinkers – and perhaps adapt them to our own situations. That’s why it is critical to not only think about how you think, but to also consider how others think, so that you can explore and experiment. A critical first step to becoming more creative is to be curious; observe

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Innovative Thinking



Creativity in Management

Tina Catling is Joint Chair and one of the founders of outside the box, an award winning marketing communications agency. She is also a director of THINK! - a strategic innovations consultancy. She has 25 years experience in marketing, initially with Saatchi and Saatchi and Ogilvy & Mather, working with clients such as Wedgwood, Club Mediteranée, American Express and Readers Digest. Tina has studied applied psychology with Dr Bandler (founder of NLP) and hypnotism with Paul McKenna, and she is an NLP Master. She is a sought after keynote...
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