Create an Innovation

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Create an Innovation
Create an Innovation
Innovation is “the process of translating an idea or invention into a good or service that creates value or for which customers will pay (, 2014).” In this paper, the identification of an innovation, and plan for implementing the innovation, in the current workplace that I am working for, will be described in full detail. The innovative product that will be introduced to the workplace is called the “Freedom Walker”. How many individuals get tired of sitting down all day at a desk? Another complaint that is heard, quite often within the organizations is, “I am overweight and I do not have the time to make it to the gym.” Well, now here is the perfect solution. Freedom Walker will give individuals the opportunity to either, remain seated at the desk while working or they can chose to get up and begin to exercise at the pace they feel most comfortable. The high-quality product will be made to last and it will give employees the freedom of exercising while working (TreadDesk, 2014). Freedom Walker is going to solely be intended to run in slow speeds. One of the great things about this product is that unlike regular treadmills, the Freedom Walker will not overheat (TreadDesk, 2014). For which, giving individuals an unlimited amount of time to be on the treadmill while working. The control panel can be placed on top of each employee’s desk, and will have a 10-inch cord connected to the panel and the Freedom Walker. On the control panel, employees will be able to see how long they have been walking. The employee will also be able to keep track of the amount of calories that are being loss with the freedom walker. The Freedom Walker will also have an attached Emergency cord that all individuals who use this product must wear while in action. The Emergency cord is in case of any emergency, the employee will be able to shut the machine off immediately(TreadDesk,2014).

The Freedom Walker also comes with a strong rubber mat that should be placed on top of the tread, to reduce the sound and avoid distraction (TreadDesk, 2014). The speed of this product will not go above 4.0 mph (TreadDesk, 2014). The reason that the machine will not go above the speed of 4.0 is to avoid distractions on the phone with customers, such as loss of breath or incorrect grammar spelling on the computer because of not being able to concentrate. For safety of each employee, the machine is limited to 4.0 mph. The Freedom Walker will not have much assembly required. The control panel is connected to the treadmill, just simply connect the cord to an outlet and begin the exercise.

The design will begin with the CEO and upper management, and then will of course go down the list for each individual within the organization. It is a proven fact that the obesity rate within the United States has more than doubled in adults and children since 1970’s (Food Research and Action Center, 2014). The leading public health problem within the United States is obesity (Food Research and Action Center, 2014). Without any discrimination, the majority of the employees within the organization that this innovative idea will be implemented in, are overweight. Below is the chart from the Food Research and Action Report that shows the percentages of each ethnicity and at what percentage they are overweight. U.S. Prevalence of Adult Overweight and Obesity (NHANES 2011-2012) (Food Research and Action Center, 2014)

Overweight or Obesity 
BMI >/=
25 kg/m2
BMI >/=
30 kg/m2
Extreme Obesity 
BMI >/=
40 kg/m2
All Females
All Males

“Research also...

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