Craft activity plan

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Age Range
Craft Activity
0-6 Months+
Painting the side walk
Sponge painting
Painting Hands and feet
1-2 Years
Edible Play dough
Finger painting
Paper plate masks
3-5 Years
Card making
Making friendship Bracelets
Hanging wall decorations
Describe a craft activity for a 0-6 Months+
Painting Hands and Feet
Using pre made/bought edible paint so it’s safer for your baby, put some paint on a paper plate or a plastic tray and either place your child on the floor if they are able to sit up by themselves if not place your child in front of you with their back to you so you can support them sat up. Make sure everything is around you so you don’t have to keep getting up, also an old cloth or bed sheet would be useful to prevent getting much mess everywhere. Using a soft fine paintbrush, paint your baby’s hand and feet then print them on to the piece of paper, once you’re done wipe your baby’s feet and hands and then paint your own hands and feet and print them on a piece of paper. Once you are all done wipe off your hands and feet and allow your baby to hold the paint brush and explore with the paint which will help develop their senses and fine motor skill. Make your own Edible Paint

What you will need: 2 cups of corn flour, 1 cup of old water, 4.5 cups of hot water and lastly food colouring, containers, spoon. Method: Mix corn flour with cold water and stir together, slowly add the hot water and keep mixing. Once it’s mixed, separate into containers and add food colouring. Mix it together and your and your child are ready to paint. Resources Required

Edible paint or ingredients to make edible paint, small, soft fine paint brush, paper plates or plastic trays, old cloth/bed sheet, bowl of warm water and a clean cloth. Benefits for the young child

Bonding with their parent(s), creating memories for the future they can look back at, exploring potential creativity skill. Your child will become aware of the different colour of the paint they are using. Health and Safety risks

Could get burnt if the water is too hot
If the paint brush is too sharp it could scratch them
If the baby isn’t sturdy enough they could fall when sat up Normal paint is toxic and dangerous if eaten
How to deal with the Health and Safety risks
Buy/ make edible paint
Use soft fine small paint brushes
Hold onto your baby securely
Sit your baby on a soft surface
Make sure the water isn’t too hot
Support the child may need during the craft activity
How to hold the paint brush
Sitting up to do the craft activity
When doing the hand and feet prints
Encouraging to use the paint and paint brush
The learning for the child in the craft activity
In this activity your baby will develop their taste and sense of touch, this is because your baby will have the paint on their hand and feet and they may not have felt that sort of texture before or how cold it is. They will develop their taste sense because they are able to eat the paint and again they probably won’t have tasted a texture like the paint before and how cold it is. Your baby will develop their fine motor skill also from this activity, this is because your child will be scrunching and squeezing their hand when they have the paint on it and also when they paint with the paint brush on the paper, also if it’s big strokes with the brush they will also develop on their gross motor skills because they are using their arms and stretching to reach all over the paper.

Describe a craft activity for 1-2 years
Edible Play dough
Firstly you would need to make or already have some edible play dough prepared, sit your child in their high chair, at the table or on the floor. Make sure where ever you do the craft activity to put a old cloth or bed sheet down so play dough doesn’t get everywhere, place some play dough in front of your child and have some for yourself. You could also supply your child with a child’s rolling pin and some shape cutters, if your...
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