Topics: The commons, Ethics, Government Pages: 2 (409 words) Published: February 20, 2013
A very jovial good afternoon to one and all present here. Today I Aditi representing Teresa house am standing before you to speak on today’s topic for debate ‘Corruption: Are we to blame?’ and I strongly support the topic.

Before presenting my views, let us understand what is meant by corruption. In brief, anything that is considered to be below the standard norms of morality is defined as corruption. Today it has seeped into the very blood stream of the system. But who the hell is responsible? Most of us will prompt out ‘the government, the politicians etc. etc.’ but my dear friends it is just the half truth!!!!! We Indians are number one in complaining and blaming others, no doubt. It is quite easy to point fingers at politicians and bureaucrats, and exclaim, “These corrupt people are responsible for widespread corruption. The entire system of governance is corrupt.” Now let me ask them, “Who has created the system? Did the system create us or we create the system?” We, the citizens, cast our precious vote and choose our representative who then gets a golden chance to indulge in corruption. Moreover I am pretty sure that most of the common people have involved themselves in immoral activities that are acceptable in today’s scenario. Most of the people are in so much hurry that they are willing to degrade to any level. So why just blame the government? We are just as responsible for the widespread corruption as the corrupt politicians are!!!!!

My worthy opponents will surely say that common people are innocent. But are they so much innocent and illiterate that they can’t decide who is right and who is wrong? My dear opponents, corruption starts from the core and we, the commons, form the core!!!!! The truth is that most of us have meek attitude. We let things as the way they are . At maximum, we complain, raise rallies but we fail to take any concrete and positive actions. We demand that the politicians should be punished but at...
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