Contrast Innovation, Design, and Creativty Paper

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Contrast Innovation, Design, and Creativity Paper
University Of Phoenix
Innovation, Design, & Creativity for a Competitive Advantage OI/461

Contrast Innovation, Design, and Creativity Paper
Innovation is important for progress. Without companies and people to drive new ideas in the workplace there would not be progress. The American Heritage Dictionary defines innovation states, “The acting of introducing something new” (American Heritage Dictionary 2008). Many forms of innovation exist, however, in business it is link to the sharing of information through desire and passion to deliver results. Furthermore, innovation does not have to be this spectacular new product. However, the innovation needs to benefit the public or business. Schneider National Carriers’ INC. has brought many innovations to the trucking industry. The organization has a reputation for leading the industry in technology and operational improving within the truckload business. In 1998, Schneider National Carriers’ INC. began using QUALCOMM technology in its over-the-road tractor and trailer units. Over the years as the technology got better, tracking and delivery information became available to the customer for a fee. This innovation gave Schneider National Carrier’s INC. customers the ability to track their shipments from pickup right to the delivery. Furthermore, the customers would know when our drivers took breaks enroot to their final destination.

The act of design is a tangible thing that is born from an activity. As stated in the University of Phoenix material, “Design is the conscious decision-making process by which information (an idea) is transformed into an outcome, be it tangible (product) or intangible (service)” ( 2008).Design is link to the corporate industry, mainly, because many people relate it to industry. However, design is a decision to change something and not except the way it...
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