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iTechnology stands for “ideal Technology” the company is a technology-based company building eco-friendly technological inventions, and supporting research on a global scale to build a better eco-friendly technological future.

We provide the greenest solutions for now and for the future. We force technology to work alongside with nature to achieve truly innovative products.



As we focus on our goals on building
an eco-friendly technology for our
clients, the green stands for green
innovation. “i” means ideal, and the
“T” for Technology. The “iT” from
the word Information Technology.

• A leader in innovation techno-based services, catering to global demands.

A leader in technological based service provider.


To develop and implement a better service, and eco-friendly
technological innovations for a better future.

Company Policy:


1st Offense:

Pay 20peso.

2nd Offense:

Pay 20peso + Guidance counselling.

• 3rd Offense:
vacant time.

Community school service for 30min. @ the offender’s

Community service must not be tolerated. The offender can choose the following offense.


Service in the library for 30min.


Service in the faculty for 30min.


Service in the Com Lab for 30min.

The said Service includes cleaning and what the instructor demands.

Company Policy


1st Offense:

Should provide a letter containing the reason why.

2nd Offense:

Offender shall be given a warning for office call.

3rd Offense:

Office call with parents/Guardians.


• 1st Offense:
for being late.

Apology letter that it will not happen again, include the reason

• 2nd Offense:
Apology letter must be signed by the adviser. The letter must contain asking for re-consideration.

3rd Offense:

Automatic 3lates is = to 1 absent + Apology letter.

The 3rd offense will be reflected on the 3rd offense of the absences. If the student have 2 absences + 3 late that will be equivalent to 3 absences. Which lead to the 3rd policy which leads to Community school service at school for 30minutes.

“All policy if was not able to comply, offender must be called by the instructor. The instructor has the power if he want the parents to be called.

Failure to call the parents will be terminated from the said subject

Company Policy


All the financial cost of this project is voluntarily and equally divided into two.

Graphical User Interface

Picture Board

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