Comments and Opinions While News Reporting

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News Reporting

B.Thesis Statement:

Why some broadcasters give out comments and opinions during news reporting? C.Trend:

Many of Philippine broadcasters today seems to forget that a news report is totally different form a commentary. Consciously or unconsciously, they put on air their own judgments and remarks while delivering news.

If giving comments and opinions during news reporting will continue, people might confuse news from commentary. Because of that, people’s decision about certain issue can easily be assorted by the own opinion/s of the broadcaster/s. In short, it will be easy for broadcasters (whose job is supposedly just to inform people) to shape the opinions of the listeners or the televiewers. Moreover, instead of discussing about the main issue, people might forget about it and start talking about the opinions of broadcasters, making their opinions an issue itself. Certainly, it will bring additional disarray to the society. E.Case

1. GMA morning news anchor Arnold Clavio became controversial after giving an offensive remark against the Filipino-foreign members of the Philippine Azkals during the nationwide broadcast of News and Public Affairs Program ‘Unang Hirit’ last March 2012. "Hindi naman kayo Pilipino. Nagpapanggap lang kayong kayumanggi. Hindi kayo dito lumaki. Mahirap 'yun," Clavio said while discussing about Cristy Ramos’ sexual harassment case against Azkals players Lexton Moy and Angel Guirado. Rhea Santos, Clavio’s co-anchor is also faced with bad comments after giving a remark about Filipino women: "Yung mga babae... kasi porke guwapo... sikat... minsan halos itapon na nila yung mga sarili doon sa mga lalaki." The Philippine Football federation already filed a complaint against GMA Network Inc., demanding for a written apology to be read on “Unang Hirit.”

2. The three comments on the news and exchange jokes at the end of the show on TV...

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