Comcast Strategy

Topics: Customer, Customer service, Internet Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: July 12, 2008
1.Does Comcast’s strategy as described seem to be well matched to industry and competitive conditions?

Comcast’s strategy focused on the following elements:

Technological Innovation: Through offering a wide range of services and features that no other provider offers. These features include: Voice Over IP Telephony, Video On demand with High Definition technology and advanced features such as recording and playing TV shows anytime and high speed internet reaching to 6 MB/S.

Strategic Partnership: Partnering with America’s largest producers, such as MGM and Sony, enabled Comcast to expand its variety of movies and TV shows.

Excelling in Customer Service and Support: Comcast’s training aimed for serving customers all around the US with a goal of answering 90% of the calls in 30 seconds.

This clearly shows that Comcast was able to become the top in its industry. It has achieved its goals which led to having competitive advantages over its rivals.

2.Does the strategy seem to be keyed to maintaining a cost advantage, offering differentiating features, serving the unique needs of a niche, or developing resource strengths and competitive capabilities rivals can’t imitate or trump?

Comcast’s strategy focuses on offering distinctive features and services. It also focuses on developing services and features no competitor could copy. A good example would be the high speed internet service they offer, with a speed of 6 MB/S it would be hard for Comcast’s competitors to imitate. Other distinctive services include the wide variety of movies and TV shows on demand and the ability to record them and play them anytime.

3.Has Comcast’s strategy evolved in recent years? Why or why not?

Comcast’s strategy clearly shows that it has evolved a lot in recent years. Having top of the line services, means coping with technological changes which lead to having competitive advantages and exclusive services. This shows that Comcast’s strategy has been...
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