Cnms110 Reading Notes

Topics: Concept, Innovation, Logic Pages: 4 (497 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Reading notes
Week two
1. Conceptual Foundation by K.Miller
Thesis: Introduce what is communication (definition, conceptualization, and model.)

The different definitions of communication: Communication means that information is passed from one place to another. ---K.Miller
Why we need to communication.
Divergence in conceptualizing communication: Communication as a social activity is whether necessarily involves two or more people.
Communication is a critical part of social commerce and that through communication we seek to have an impact on the people around us.
Domain of communication: Typical discussions of the concept of communication distinguish between a transmission model of communication and a constitutive model of communication.
Communication also characterized by a high level of interdisciplinary pursuits.

Communication is continuous and complex and cannot be arbitrarily and isolated.
Communication is process of sending and receiving message or transferring information from one mind to another-----Craig.
It is not a one way activity but involves feedback from the listener. It is more interactional, we not only look at the message of the source but also reaction of the receiver.
Semioticians see a sigh as consisting of two inextricably linked parts---the signifier and the signified. And communication is symbolic means that it requires signs and symbols that have relationships to referents that are to some extent arbitrarily.

Communication is
A vast subject and it needs different models,
Methodologies and criteria

Keywords: Process, Transactional, Symbolic, Intentionality.

2. The Judgment of Thamus by Neil Postman
Thesis: We can learn from it that it’s a mistake to think that any technological innovation has a one-sided effect: it’s always a blessing and a burden.

Radical technologies create new definitions for...
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