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Topics: Innovation, Chez Panisse, Restaurant Pages: 4 (1114 words) Published: June 8, 2015
1) What characteristics of the Chez Panisse ecosystem have allowed them to cultivate their innovative behavior? Which are key to innovation? Do any interfere with innovation? What characteristics of their ecosystem have led to Chez Panisse’ success? Analyzing the case study of Chez Panisse ecosystem, one can easily recognize that there are several major characteristics / factors which lead them to cultivate innovative behavior and most of which have been regarded as key to innovation.

1) Clear mission/vision: From Chez panisse initial day’s waters was very clear on her vision. She wanted to recreate, what she had experienced at a restaurant in France i.e. a charming place where friends can meet and eat simple, fresh food made up of local ingredients. Having clear vision made waters to think strategically and test new innovative ideas which moved the organization one step closer to company’s success. 2) Unique and Relevant Strategy: Truly innovative company will always have a unique and relevant strategy for relevant product. Similarly Chez Panisse had a unique strategy of Downstairs and upstairs café. Downstairs was through reservations only. Menu changed nightly and was appropriate to season and was composed to feature the finest sustainably source. Waters strategy was never be grand but it would be never compromise on quality of food. This lead to truly innovate the Chez Panisse ecosystem. 3) Openness with customers: Waters open kitchen concept was one of the clear example of open innovation and it’s openness with customers. Chez panisse open innovation encouraged ideas to bloom and coevolve in terms of menu, food design and customer interaction. It also allowed customer to walk into kitchen and ask question about their food this openness is another innovative factor which helped chez panisse success Environment of open culture trust: Chez Panisse had very unique work culture. Walter required the people who enjoyed to work in restaurants. Boundaries of...
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