Challenges in Managing Innovation Across Supply Chains —Evaluation and Implementation

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Business Major-Minor
Supply Chain Management
Course Assignment

Challenges in Managing Innovation across Supply Chains
—Evaluation and Implementation

Student: Ying Deng
Student ID:1205690

Course Number: 07 14511
Teacher: Professor Dr Victoria Hanna
Date: 10/01/2013


This research paper is written for the subject: “Global Marketing” in the University of Birmingham. Firstly, we would like to thanks Almighty Lord to give us knowledge and keep us healthy during the whole period of our research work. Secondly, we are greatly indebted to our lecturer and advisor-Professor David Walker for his valued opinions and expert advice in the preparation of this thesis. Thirdly, we would like to express our appreciation to the convenient internet that greatly helped us to find whatever information that we needed. Finally, we want to express our gratitude to the Fujifilm Corporation for its kind assistance and support throughout the writing progress of this thesis. We have also managed to collect some important information from the relative journals and books.

All group members of the assignment
University of Birmingham, April 2012

Table of contents



Importance of supply chain innovation
Innovation and its source and types
Challenge of innovation management—evaluation of innovation Effect of buyer-supplier power relations
Example cases of success and failure
Challenge of innovation management—implementation of innovation Implementation’s detailed challenges in different types of industry—service and physical goods Implementation’s detailed challenges in different types of industry—emerging and mature industries More challenges in innovation management



Title of course: Supply Chain Management
Program: Various.
Authors: Ying Deng
Supervisor: Dr Victoria Hanna
Date: Sep 2012 to Dec 2012

Background: The complexity and scale of any firm’s supply chain has made the management of supply chain innovation difficult and full of uncertainty. However the fast developing market requires the supply chain to innovate as fast and efficient as possible. There are amounts of successful and failed cases of innovations across supply chain from the last centuries, yet it is a big challenge to successfully manage the innovations.

Purpose: The purpose of the thesis is to investigate what Fujifilm did and is doing to develop in the global circumstance and with all the internal and external factors’ impacts, also what it probably will or should do in the future to maintain its current status and to improve.

Conclusion: After evaluating Fujifilm’s history and current situation along with its recent marketing feedback data, also referring to abundant marketing theories and books, we will suggest Fujifilm to take various acts and strategies to remain competitive and maintain & increase its market share.

Supple chain, Innovation, Management, Evaluation, Risk, Implementation, Buyer-supplier power, Product life cycle, Pre- and Post-contractual, service and physical goods, emerging and mature industries

The “18 months law” (Gorden E, Moore, 1965) had suggested and been proved that the electronic market doubles its product’s function while halves its prices. The other industries, while maybe slower than the electronics but similarly fast changing, suggests, that the businesses innovate in every possible aspects within and related to themselves, to fit into the fast pace of today’s dynamic world with the information explosion, to catch up with the increasing globalization, savage price competition, increased customer demand for enhanced quality and reliability. Studies and experiences show that R&D spending is strongly positively associated with the probability of introducing a new product, and most of the businesses are willing to invest in...

References: Watson, G. and Lonsdale, C. (eds.) (2003) Managing the Supply Base within Business Networks, chapter 4
Allwright, A

Jan 2006, The 11 greatest supply chain disasters [online], available from: Supply Chain Digest, (29/12/2012)
“Procter & Gamble: Finding the Right Business Model” [Online], available from: (26/12/2012)
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