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Topics: Innovation, Design, Creativity Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: July 1, 2015
Derrick Robinson-Pate
June 22, 2015
MGT 300
Case Application

1. What do you think of UA’s approach to innovation? Would you expect to see this type of innovation in an athletic wear company? Explain. a. Under Armour’s approach towards innovation is very unique, they think and plan out their projects thoroughly in order to create a one of a kind product that could be appealing to their consumers. The company has been extremely progressive throughout the years in order to stay ahead of the other competitive companies in their targeted industry. By constantly updating and coming up with different product lines, such as compression shirts and cleats, Under Armour is able to compete with other top athletic wear company’s in their market. If any athletic wear company were to ever have the mindset of wanting to be on top and succeed as a business, then possessing limitless amounts of innovation would ultimately be the key to that success. In order to successfully excel as a company you have to be able to innovate, without innovation your company will not survive. 2. What do you think UA’s culture might be like in regards to innovation? a. Under Armour’s culture in regards to innovation can be viewed as being very innovative as well as being extremely culture oriented. Some of the characteristics of an innovative culture would be the different challenges that they may face and their involvement within the company. Other noted characteristics would be trust and openness within the business, taking risks, experimentation, different collaborations, and solving conflicts. There are five different characteristics to an customer-responsive culture in a business those characteristics are the type of employee, type of job environment, empowerment, role clarity, and lastly the constant desire to satisfy and delight customers. 3. Could design thinking help UA improve its innovation efforts? Discuss. a. Design thinking is something that is already being used by Under...
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