Case Study Week 2

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Week 2 - Chocoberry

Chocoberry Case Study
Keller University


Week 2 - Chocoberry


Chocoberry, a major independent importer of cacao beans, is looking to introduce a new healthy alternative to the market. This new approach is known as from fun to health food. On this paper will be discuss the process on how to achieve the goal on making a new healthy product with the cacao beans.

Idea Generation
Techniques Used to Develop Concepts
In order to prepare and develop a new concept Chocoberry needs to find new opportunities inside and outside the company. “A new product only really comes into being when it is successful—that is, when it meets the goals/objectives assigned to the project in the PIC.” (Crawford 102).

According to the Department of Marketing from the University of Pennsylvania some techniques that can be use to develop a new product are the following brainstorming, product testing, competitors research, blind tests and one lastly that Chocoberry could use is survey research. These techniques will improved the potential evaluation of developing a new family of added value chocolate or cocoa-based products.

Methods of Ideation
Chocoberry should be using the customer focus groups for problem detection method, this will help identify the needs, wants, problems and with new suggestions for the new product by having an interaction with the customer. (Robert Cooper, 2008) If the company knows before hand what the customer is looking for, they have more chances on launching a wanted product than just a commercialize product that might not be successful. Groups to Perform Ideation

Week 2 - Chocoberry


The person to be performing the ideation process needs to have knowledge and understand what is the strategy of the company, how can they create a healthy product base on chocolate and cacao. To find this group the company can measure the person creativity by using the MBTI Creativity Index. (Crawford 96). You have to choose people that can relate to the needs of the customers, ideas that are realistic and not what the ideation group likes. “ New product teams are, by definition, cross-functional, which means a greater variety of perspectives but also potential difficulties in reaching a solution acceptable to all.” (Crawford 101-102) On this case Terry Hersch should be definitely involve as well as Dale Berry. They are the ones that know the strategy and have great ideas on the development of this new product. Pat French (VP Manufacturing) I think should not be involve in the ideation process, because he might be opposing to most of the ideas thinking that he will not have time, materials, etc to develop this new product.

Concepts Generated
Chocoberry needs to check the form of the chocolate that wants to sell, what type of technology will be implementing for the production of it, and it needs to know what are the benefits of this new product. What will make it different from other chocolates? Differentiating from the competitors is the key. It does not matter which input you start first, the other two will follow. The concept process needs to start before creating or having the product. Idea Evaluation

Discuss Criteria Used to Rank Ideas
Stacey Roberts provides some criteria on how to develop a new product. In the case of Chocoberry they need to evaluate and list all the possible competitive products and competitive companies. They also need to search about the market trends on chocolate/cocoa based new

Week 2 - Chocoberry


products. It is recommended that “…at least one person in the team implementing the opportunity needs to have experience in the industry area of the new idea. This is one characteristic that correlates to the probability of success of the venture.” (Roberts, 2014) Process for Evaluation

The evaluation needs to be conduct by higher management. In the case of Chocoberry Terry Hersch (VP New Product Development) with a final review by Dale Berry (CEO)....

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