Case About "Thinking Out of the Box

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Individual paper
Jianyu Chen
Thinking outside the box
1. Describe UPS competitive strategy Using Miles and Snows framework, and Porters Framework, Explain each of your choices. As per Miles and Snows Framework, UPS can be termed as a analyzer. As we know, Analyzer organizations share characteristics with prospector and defender organizations; thus, they face the entrepreneurial problem of how to maintain their shares in existing markets and how to find and exploit new markets and product opportunities. These organizations have the operational problem of maintaining the efficiency of established products or services, while remaining flexible enough to pursue new business activities. UPS is not only maintaining its market share, but exploring new opportunities in the marketplace and trying out new and innovative things. Their technological initiatives as well as other aggressive moves reflect the characteristics of an analyzer. As per Porter's framework, the strategy of UPS can be grouped under the "differentiation" approach. UPS is certainly trying to differentiate itself in the package delivery industry from its other peers such as Fedex by innovating in terms of adopting new technologies, services, systems, etc. 2. What competitive advantages do you think UPS has? Have its' resources, capabilities, and core competencies contributed to its' competitive advantages? Explain. Competitive advantages of UPS certainly lies in its strong market share in the package delivery industry, strong brand awareness, brand presence and brand reputation, strong global network and presence in multiple nations around the world, technological leadership in the package delivery industry, etc. A combination of these strengths make UPS the global leader in the package delivery industry. Yes, its resources in terms of numerous locations, technological and human resource infrastructure, capability to handle huge volume of packages, technological competencies, etc. certainly...
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