Case 275

Topics: Case study, Innovation, General Electric Pages: 4 (703 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Solomon Garber
BPL 5100 - Prof. LaManna - Individual Case Study
Case# 275

Interboro, once a small manufacturer of scalpels and other surgical equipment,

became the world’s best-known maker of prosthetic limbs and surgical implants under

the leadership of Jack Dodson. The structure of the company, under Dodson, was very

unique. As CEO, Dodson would routinely conceive new product ideas, go directly to his

R&D department and see the product through from inception to completion. In the

following case study analyses, I will analyze what went wrong with Interboro, as well as

advise Ms. Francesca Fortas on the appropriate direction to take the company as she takes

over from Mr. Dodson.
Interboro’s weaknesses under Dodson’s leadership were very apparent. For starters, Jack would completely bypass his senior team on new product initiatives and how those products would fit into the broader strategy of the company. From this, we can infer that the company had a very passionate CEO who prided himself on product innovations, while simultaneously neglected other crucial areas necessary for continued success. Marketing was perhaps the company’s biggest incompetency. Soon thereafter, the company lost its innovating edge, one of its major initial strengths. Interboro’s external environment started to become a serious threat. Competitors were developing products that went beyond Interboro’s patents and designs. The competition within the industry was growing and their products outperformed the incumbents’.

Based on my analysis of the companies strengths, weaknesses and external environment, I can confidently say that the company was in dire need of a savior and could no longer operate the way it was. I have illustrated the situation below: There is a very unique correlation between the company’s strengths, weaknesses and external environment. The lack of communication between Jack and his team, a weakness, directly...
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