Campbell Soup Product Innovation

Topics: Campbell Soup Company, Innovation Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: August 9, 2009
Campbell Soup Company is the world’s leading maker and marketer of soup. Campbell products are sold in 120 countries around the globe. Campbell Soup has came out with a few ways to generate ideas for its new products, it include survey, getting feedbacks from their consumer or even those people who are not working with Campbell Soup, market analysis, build up an internal research and development team and create opportunity for people to communicate with Campbell Soup to enhance or generate new concept to Campbell Soup. We will touch on some of those interesting channel and way of how they generate ideas and where they got their ideas from. Campbell Soup has open its product innovation program to its consumer through its “Ideas for Innovation’ program. This program is presented in the form of website, which provides convenience and fast feedback channels for both Campbell Soup and its consumer. Campbell chief strategy officer said: “We are committed to improving our innovation results, and a key element in this improvement requires us to be open to ideas from both inside and outside of the company. The Ideas for Innovation Web Site is one of the ways we are accessing innovation from outside the sources.” The site provides convenience for people who don’t work for Campbell Soup to present their ideas, which will be evaluated by the specially trained and selected team, who will decide whether the idea should be pursued. Campbell also runs a similar initiative called Campbell’s Kitchen, which consumers submit recipe ideas of anyone who wishes to suggest them. In this way, Campbell does not appear unapproachable. All these submitted information or innovative ideas will enable Campbell Soup to analyze; In return, Campbell soup will be able to get the suggestions, feedbacks or comments on their products through this website system. With the collection of all these information, Campbell Soup research and development team will be able to find out, what problems their...
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