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Business Studies Homework – Adrian Stufano
1) Business Report
Executive Summery
Sunshine Fruit Juices employs 100 employees in its Queensland factory, classifying this business as large. The businesses core function is to provide a range of fruit juices to their international market. This report will examine possible ways to improve operations and implement new strategies to insure a successful future for Sunshine Fruit Juices. Situational Analysis

Sunshine Fruit Juices has hit decline in the businesses lifecycle, with a drop of customer demand due to complaints with the businesses outputs. Sunshine Fruit Juices will need to manage influences on operations and insure positive operations strategies are put in place. If the business fails to do so they might be faced with foreclosure and bankruptcy. Technology (Influence)

Technology as an influence could be a major factor that is affecting the operations process for Sunshine Fruit Juices further leading to the decline in demand for the businesses outputs. Technology could be causing the damage products and be the cause for products being mislabelled management needs to be aware and implement positive operations strategies. Strategies

Technology is always changing and improving, businesses must insure they keep up with the fast phase of technology. Sunshine Fruit Juices would see great improvement in operations if they are up to date with the latest models of technology. Management needs to monitor productivity and insure efficiency, while producing quality outputs to the consumer. Recommendation

The business Sunshine Fruit Juices management team would be advised to monitor the operations process and see if the current technology is causing any problems during manufacturing also if it’s affecting the final outputs the business produces. If this is the case Sunshine Fruit Juices management team should invest in the new technology to improve sales and get consumer demand back up.

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