Business Ethics

Topics: Utilitarianism, Trade union, United States Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: August 2, 2014
1. Export capital for production abroad

Exporting capital is the removal of capital from the country in which it is originally held and it’s transfer for investment in an importing country willing to meet the demands of the company. ( At the basic definition of this practice, I take a libertarian way of thinking on this. If this is what a company needs to do to be profitable, government should not have the ability to interfere with this system. However, this is not how exporting capital happens in today’s world or at any time in history for that matter. Companies are getting away with low wages, long hours, little to know regulation on labor laws and unfavorable working conditions. For these reason, I do believe constraints are not the answer because exporting capital is good for both parties when executed in an ethical way. Taking the utilitarian theory, this is finding the greatest good over bad for the majority of the people. Exporting helps companies remain profitable and help the people and the economy of the country receiving the export. If both side benefit and there are no extremes to either side then exporting can be beneficial to all parties.

2. Export commodities which have been banned from sale in the United States

I believe there should a ban on commodities that are banned in the United States simply because it is a dangerous practice. If it’s not safe for citizens in the US then it is not safe for citizens anywhere. That is just common sense and ignoring this logic is clearly unethical. According to act utilitarianism, we must ask ourselves what the consequences of a particular act in a particular situation will be for all those affected. (Shaw & Berry 2013). It may save money to for the companies that produced the products and they may even make a profit but exporting a commodity that is banned is unsafe for those receiving the goods. Kant’s theory also states, the basis of obligation – must...
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