Topics: Creativity, Design, Innovation Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: February 13, 2013

The Correlation of Innovation, Creativity, and Design
MyKelia L. Carter
January 16, 2013
Mr. Steve Rosales

The Correlation of Innovation, Creativity, and Design The business world today is ever evolving. To remain relevant and succeed in the competitive field you must possesses several characteristics. Some of these characteristics are creativity, innovation, and design that are vital in the success of a business. There are numerous connotations that entail innovation, creativity, and design, interpreted in a cohesive manner. These subjects consist of experimentation along with curiosity simultaneously. This paper will define, compare and contrast innovation, creativity and design as well as provide their business implications. Innovation, creativity, and design collectively function as separate building blocks to deriving an idea, implementing the idea, and promoting it into realism. An organization can benefit ultimately benefit by hiring individuals whom ultimately possess these key qualities because these qualities jointly produce a competitive advantage. The mental characteristic that allows a person to think outside the box, which results in innovative or different approaches to a particular task, is the definition of creativity (Business Dictionary, 2013). Numerous current lessons study the relation among creativity, design, and financial implementation. The Danish Design Centre (2003) discovered a link amid the use of design and financial implementation and macroeconomic evolution. Career formation, profits, and distribution are more advanced within organizations that use...

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