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Service Request SR-rm-022, Part 3 And Final
Service Request SR-rm-022, Part 3 And Final
Riordan Manufacturing Inc. wants to make changes to their current Human Resource Department’s currently used system and has submitted a service request for the analysis of the system. Riordan is currently using a human resource information system (HRIS) to track employee information, namely, pay rate, tax exemptions, hire date, and accumulated vacation hours. Microsoft® spreadsheets are used to track employee training, development records, recruiting information, and complaints. Riordan’s policy specifies that the board of directors is responsible for managing the business of the company (University of Phoenix, 2013). The reason Riordan Manufacturing Inc. needs to do this is to incorporate the devices, officially utilized by the company’s main office to combine and centralize the main system. Riordan Manufacturing Inc. feels that combining all existing tools into a new system has higher benefits and outweighs the risks. Riordan Manufacturing Inc. having a centralized system is the way to cut costs and will make things easier for all departments to use the system. In the following of this request the stakeholders will be identified, the scope of the project will be identified, the feasibility of the planned project discussed, information gathering tools and techniques shown and the design methods suggested.

The scope of the program would be to take existing tools and systems within all of Riordan Manufacturing Inc.’s locations throughout the company and combine them into one feasible and yet function able system. In-turn this will allow all departments in all locations to use the same centralized system allowing a smoother running flow of the company. If Riordan Manufacturing Inc. spends enough time and money in this project it could help the company grow exponentially. By combining to one centralized system Riordan Manufacturing Inc. will be able to bring to the main headquarters all of the company’s vital information at any point and time. The main office will then be able to access the individual departments such as: Finance and Accounting

Balance Sheets
Income statement
Economic Forecasts
Product Inventory
Sales and Marketing
Human Resources
Employee Information
Job Availability
Policies and Procedures
Production Reports
Inventory Reports
Processing Reports
Strategic Planning Reports
Now before Riordan Manufacturing Inc. begins the process of centralizing their systems a baseline assessment of the feasibility should be done. According to "The Importance Of A Feasibility Study" (2012), “Many project managers face the challenges of implementing new internal systems, like customer relationship management software or communications tools. Subjecting new ideas to a feasibility study before contracts are signed can keep a company from investing too heavily in systems or processes that will fail to gain traction or meet customer needs.” This can be accomplished by conducting interviews with employees, to get feedback from the affect departments within the company. Surveys with specific data to the project can be created and given to the employees to fill out and return. The project team should create the survey to be for or against the goals that the team is trying to accomplish.

Micheal Riordan
President & Ceo
Oversees entire project on behalf of Riordan Manufacturing Inc. Mark Neitzel
VP Operations
Provides information related to Operations as required by the project. David Hamilton
Logistics Manager
Provides information on the logistics as required by the project. Yvonne McMillan
Director of Human Resources
Provides information related to the Human resources department as required by the project. Donald Bryson
Director of Accounting and Finance/Controller
Provides information related to the...

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