Black Box Killing Human Ingenuity?

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The Black Box Theory
This is a black box essay. You know that this essay was submitted, and it scored a full mark in the criterions A and B. The content of the essay is unknown, but however, it is assumed that the content is well written and fulfills the all parts of the criterion. As a black box essay, it is written in reference to the black box theory, which implies to an object with unspecified internal workings, leaving the user only aware of the input and a predictable output, gained by experience of the previous tests conducted. [1] This term originated from the world of aviation, where most parts of the aircraft is painted black, in which the pilot is not required to understand how the components work, but just solely the input and output of the controls.

With the progressive development of technology and the efforts of redefining the term “mobility”, electrical components had become smaller and smaller since. One of the biggest influences all time is the invention of the integrated circuit, usually referred as IC. It is a microscopic array of electronic circuits embedded into different kinds of platforms regarding to its application. [2] Due to its microscopic structure, it is being considered as one of the line-replaceable units (LRU) as malfunctioning causes are so small that it is close to impossible to be identified furthermore being repaired.[3] If not labeled, electricians or physicians can only identify their purpose by testing them, applying the input in following to getting the output. With no confirmed facts, only making assumptions on its internal structure based on the results.

Moreover, the interaction between human and technological devices has also increased vigorously. Kids nowadays rely on gadgets such as iPods, computers and smart phones for entertainment. Although they do not understand the concepts of how they function, but they do know the outcome of a gesture or action they made on the device. Thus, the problem is that with the dealings of technology so common on life, especially in this generation, people usually take it for granted.[4] With utmost concern, will the black box use today death knell to human ingenuity by taking technology for granted and not understanding the components fully? -------------------------------------------------

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In my opinion, I disagree with the following statement. As human ingenuity emphasizes on the ability of humans to initiate changes, generating negative or positive impacts resulting to the reaction of others in all aspects [5], the black box phenomena actually encourages the development of more advanced technology, where scientists can focus on creating new innovations, with no needs to pay attention to the minor details such as the components of the existing technologies. For instance, inventors are allowed to reuse the invented chips to help with his new invention instead of delaying time making a new one, allowing him to focus more on the new important factors of the invention.

Not only that, but the black box enables the development of higher level technology as in having completely new theories and concepts by increasing the creativity of the people. [6] This is because...

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