Benefits and Risks of the Use of Computers

Topics: Personal computer, Computer, Word processor Pages: 3 (769 words) Published: November 5, 2010

Nowadays interaction with computers has become an integral part of daily routine for millions of people. Whatever career you choose to follow, you will probably be a frequent user of computers. IT (Information Technology) has become progressively more important in our society and many jobs are changing. There are some benefits and some risks associated to news technologies, in particular, the computers.

A good example of showing the improvement IT has brought is where the typewriter has been replaced by a word processing package on a computer system. Instead of a typist having to produce documents using the equipment that he or she was initially trained on, they now have to manage this new technology. The major reason why this equipment has been introduced is because of the greater efficiency resulting from the enhanced speed and accuracy of the production of any document. On a typewriter, the correction of errors is quite difficult and generally leaves some evidence behind. However, with the use of word processors, editing is simple and the final document is not printed out until all the corrections have been made, resulting in a perfect job. The documents can also be saved and used again if needed.

From my point of view, a major disadvantage is that the system required for word processing will require a personal computer with software and a printer which will cost far more than a standard typewriter. However, it is also argued that this investment will enable you to do other tasks too, like the use of other applications and software in the same equipment. Another disadvantage is that the user has to be trained into using the specific applications before he can make full use of the system, which could take a lot of time and a lot of money, for example, for employers.

Also there are many issues relating to security and theft. Organisations must...
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